A Novel by Richard Dooling

1994 National Book Award Finalist

New York Times Notable Book of 1994

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Review Excerpts

“A bravura display of satire . . . Dooling evokes the humane checks and balances of a deep world: the logic, you might say, of its magic.”– Richard Eder, L.A. Times.

“The book is absolutely astonishing; I am a Richard Dooling fan for life.”–Phillip M. Margolin, author of Gone, But Not Forgotten and After Dark.

I spent seven months in Sierra Leone in the early 1980s and thoroughly researched everything I’d heard about over there. Unfortunately the books I used are found only in libraries.

White Man’s Grave Background Books:

  • The Mende Of Sierra Leone, By Kenneth Little;
  • Mende Religion, By Anthony Gittins;
  • The Springs Of Mende Conduct and Belief, By Harris Sawyerr.
White Man’s Grave
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