A Novel by Richard Dooling

Read the first chapter of The Journals of Eleanor Druse at Amazon.

I wrote this book as a tie-in to the Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital project.

Eleanor Druse, inspired by the original character from Lars Von Trier’s mini-series and played by Diane Ladd in our version, was a delightful voice to inhabit during the months before Kingdom Hospital aired.

The project also enabled me to investigate the abundant literature on out-of-body and near-death experiences and to investigate the “land in between,” or “Swedenborgian space,” as Sally Druse so loved to call it.

The Journals is a prequel to Kingdom Hospital. If you peruse the Amazon reviews, you’ll see that some readers are bothered by this, but most don’t seem to mind. The novel is a prelude to the series, yes, but it works by itself, too.

The Journals of Eleanor Druse