New York MagazineAre the Controversial Comments of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Really So Threatening?

Kurt Andersen, author of the novel HeyDay and host of NPR’s Studio 360, writes in New York Magazine :

For a while now, I’ve fretted that we’re turning into a nation of weenies and permanently enraged censors, that too many of us are afraid of letting disagreeable or uncomfortable ideas into the limelight. If it’s not the p.c. overreach of campus ‘speech codes’ or the attempts to criminalize ‘hate speech,’it’s the FCC’s crackdown on cussing in PBS documentaries and the Secret Service’s keeping protesters fenced off in ‘free speech zones.’ But during the last month, this impulse to squelch—indulged by the left and the right and the milquetoast middle—seems to have reached some kind of tipping point, as if we’ve entered a permanent state of hysterical overreaction . . .

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Age of Apoplexy, by Kurt Andersen